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About Us & Mission Statement
  • Established in 1987 for the purpose to market a comprehensive line of specialty chemicals.
  • We have over 900 formulations and the ability to develop specialized products for our customers.
  • We can supply chemicals in quantities from 55 gallons to 10,000 gallons in liquid form and 500 pound drums in powdered form.
  • Raw materials are purchased in large volume and large inventories are maintained allowing us to ship most orders next day.
  • Strategic raw material purchasing and low overhead combine to keep our prices to our customers stable.
  • All materials are made to ISO 9001 certification.



We will provide our customers with quality chemicals and value added service. Our goal is to effectively lower our customer's cost and simultaneously reduce their impact on the environment.
Our guiding principles for the way we conduct our business with our Fellow Team Members, Customers, Suppliers and Community are to always demonstrate the following characteristics:

We will be truthful and honest in all dealings and relationships. If we make a mistake, we'll take
ownership of it, try to repair it and strive never to repeat it.
We will look for new ways to meet our customer's needs and not be timid to try new ideas.
We will always strive to be profitable. Our profitability will come from bringing real solutions to our customers and by keeping control on our costs. Our long term success will be built by the consistent building of win/win relationships.